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Vintage Beaugnier Vito Alto Saxophone Pro Horn with Selmer Paris C* Mouthpiece
Antique Charles F. Triebert Master Model Alto Horn
Vintage 3 Valve Brass Euphonium With Schilke 51D Mouthpiece
Corrugahorn !?!  Original Musical Instrument, Frank Crawford of Berkeley. Rare.
Getzen Eterna 895 Silver Plated Flugelhorn w/OHSC
1961 Selmer Mark vi tenor saxaphone
Bass guitars
In 2010 Ernie Ball Music Man re-issued the Classic series ... three-ply pickguard, vintage-style four-saddle bridge with brass saddles, open-gear tuners and nickel/chrome hardware. It is available in three-colour Sunburst, Olympic White and Black Transparent.
Interview With Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders
MB: We started out with a lot of non-real instruments and things that were heavily processed. We also incorporated vintage synthesizers ... from some of action music that people view as clichés, like score that used horns, muted brass and triangles ...
Breaking through: FORMA
their individual instruments have gradually fused into a single entity, one with tendril-like cords slithering to and from three stations, each one filled with vintage goodies. Among the many pieces to be spied: a Moog Slim Phatty, Roland TR-707 and -606 ...
NAMM shows music's future
The company is now introducing its first USB-equipped ukulele, which can be plugged into a smartphone ... Smartphone to your guitar (the better to use an app for a metronome, chord charts, drum machines, lyrics or recording devices).
Hot gadgets from the 2013 NAMM Show
California is the largest music merchant show in the world, drawing in big-name vendors such as Fender—and small boutique shops like Inderbinen, which handcrafts woodwind and brass instruments with a smoky vintage sheen. Although technically not open to ...
Rare CG Conn " New Invention Monster " BBb Helicon - Plays Great! - Nice Valves
Rare Vintage Silver Plated Getzen Eterna Flugelhorn low serial number Near Mint
Vintage A K HUTTL French Horn w/White Mouthpiece/Case J0621
Vintage Olds and Sons Ambassador French Horn w/ Case
VERY RARE Vintage WM Frank Trombone, low serial number
Vintage Lot of Wood SailBoat Hardware Brass Pulleys Chris Craft?
King H. N. White 2B Liberty Model Trumpet One-Piece Bell!
Vintage 1929 to 1937 Golf Association Championship Trophy
Vintage Jet Tone BM Trumpet Mouthpiece Music Instrument
Saxophone Lamp One Of The Kind Real Saxophone Electric plug
Supertone Bandmaster Cornet "Very Nice"
Vtg OLDS Euphorium Baritone Ser #K13857 Horn w/Case J434
Vintage Olds Ambassador Cornet
Vintage YORK Single French Horn, Ready to Play Condition
Vintage - Warner Deluxe French Horn With Carrying Case And Mouth Piece
Vintage Wood Boat Hardware Square Cleat/Tie Down Chrome Brass Chris Craft?
Vtg Handmade? Brass Flute? Recorder? Musical Instrument Whistle Sound Initial B
YaeTek Hand Crank Loud 115dB Hand Crank Manual Operated Portable Metal Alarm EAN
CG Conn Eb New Wonder Alto Horn 1920, Top Action old circus horn Refurbished
Double French Horn (CGCO) ~Tested Good~Vincent Bach 10 Mouth Piece~W/Case S2870
Vintage SAXOPHONE Valentine Card c. 1920s GERMANY
Vintage Weymann Keystone State Bugle Trumpet Musical Instrument
1956 Fender Precision Bass & Pin Up Girl Featured on Collector's Envelope *A348
King 100th anniversary Key Chain King Music instrument Co. 1893-1993
Vintage Couesnon Paris Musical Instrument Mouthpiece 5 Parts or Repair
Martin Handcrafted Low Pitch Saxophone   era 1922-1923 very good condition .....
Vintage Brass Tone Horn 13" Marked Peacock
1956 Olds Recording Trumpet & Sexy Lady Featured on Collector's Envelope *A241
Vintage Orpheus Instrument Trumpet? Made In Germany
Bruin 3 in 1 Musical Instrument Set - My First Big Band - Mi Primera Gran Banda
solid walnut backdrop award trophy cast metal bronze male band major
Vintage Original C G Conn Trombone Slide Cream Memorabilia NOS
Antique Cast Iron Cork Screw, Germany
1959 Conn factory pictorial *Big Round Sound* Brass Instruments
Antique German Weltklang Brass Flugelhorn with case
Vintage Alto Horn in Es V.F. Cerveny
Vintage Soviet USSR brass tuba. (Nr.218387) .
Weltklang Vintage TOP Ventile/Rotary Valve Trumpet Flugelhorn/Bugle~German Made!
8 Pcs Electric Guitar Blue Double Two Way Course Truss Rod Rods Steel A3 9*580mm
Vintage Soviet USSR brass tuba 1982 y . (Nr.668) .
Vintage Soviet USSR brass tuba 1960-70 y. (Nr.2563) .
Vintage Soviet USSR brass tuba 1963 y. (Nr.52189)
Vintage Soviet Pipe Tuba USSR
Vintage Soviet USSR brass tuba 1959 y. (Nr.455) .
Vintage Soviet USSR brass tuba 1952 y . (Nr.1632) .
Vintage Czechoslovakian Lignatone Brass Tuba Horn
Vintage Soviet USSR brass tuba 1960 y. (Nr.235367) .
Vintage Soviet USSR brass tuba 1960-70 y.
Vintage Czechoslovakian Lignatone Brass Alto Horn Tuba
Double Course Bass Guitar Neck Truss Rod 580 mm (22 7/8')Steel A3 Guitar Parts
Vintage Soviet USSR brass cimbal 14".
Vintage Mouthpiece for the musical wind instrument.
Vintage Mouthpiece for musical wind instrument
Vintage ČSSR brass cimbal Amati Kraslice 15".
Vintage ČSSR brass cimbal Amati Kraslice 15".
Original Hunting Military gunpowder flask poach made in italy 100% Leather
Vintage Soviet USSR case for trumpet..
United States Patent Office Brass Horn US Patent Print G. Rossi Instrument Art
Hand Crank Loud 115dB Hand Crank Manual Operated Portable Metal Alarm/Siren New
Hand Crank Loud Hand Crank Manual Operated Portable Metal Alarm/Siren (Air Raid)
Rail funky music: Acts compete to go underground
More than 200 groups at Grand Central Terminal tried to pluck, tap and warble their way into the hearts of a judging panel — who will ultimately pick 20 to become part of the MTA’s “Music Under New York ... by playing rare instruments — like ...
River City Memoirs: Boop, Blues meet Popeye the Sailor Man
Bright and shining, like the stars — this Connstellation. Not a misspelled star grouping but historic musical instrument, the cornet, displayed behind glass, was a product of the Conn company, Elkhart, Ind. Brass in color, it had routinely ...
One man orchestra
an amazing instrument which breathes life into the world of music through its instrument voices such as the trumpet, flute, piano, violin and a whole lot of other acoustic and electronic ... percussion, brass and woodwind instruments, as well as modern ...
With an updated mix of material, the members “Give Back” their musical gift of talent to the town of Maynard. If you play a band instrument ... brass and woodwind players (tuba, sax and clarinet) to consider joining us, but would welcome all other ...
NO BS! Brass Band living large with new albums, national press
Most brass bands don’t sound as good as you think. “There’s usually a wonky, out-of-tuneness to it, in a way,” says No BS! Brass Band drummer Lance Koehler. He said members of brass bands may be in tune among themselves when they perform ...
Rock Out With Paper and Pencil Instruments
The world of computers and electronics can be an intimidating place, especially for children. They may be curious about the technology, but loose interest over the complexities of circuit boards and microcontrollers. Intel wants to help by ...